The requirements for fire protection will normally be found in the relevant appendix of the Building Regulations  and often specific fire strategy reports are generated.

The fire ratings published on this website are for the Speedline systems as highlighted.

All performance claims for fire resistance must be substantiated by test or assessment reports by UKAS accredited laboratories.  Installations must be in strict accordance with the report data of the Speedline components, other materials and assembly details.  Non approved site modifications can jeopardize performance, in particular service penetrations, which should be suitably fire stopped by others.

All fire test data in this publication is to BS 476 Part 22:1987, if BS EN 1364-1:1999 test data is required please contact [email protected] 

Partitions built to BS EN may have a different specification when compared to BS 476, this would impact on maximum heights permissible for example.  All test data is based on unique UKAS accredited tests and UKAS accredited scope of testing.  The tests are carried out in UKAS accredited furnaces measuring 3m square.  Maximum heights are determined via tests under BS 5234 to a maximum limiting deflection of L/240 at 200 pascals.  The maximum height is determined by its ability to resist a uniformly distributed load at 0.2kN/m2.

These structural calculations are available upon request.

The results of fire tests are the lower of insulation and/or integrity failure rounded down to the nearest 30 minutes i.e. measured as 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Please contact [email protected] for further information on the individual tests or to see where the test or assessment was carried out quoting the system references.


  1. Duty Grade BS 5234-2:1992 Annexes A-F
  2. Calculated on a maximum limiting deflection of L/240 at 200 Pa at 600mm stud centres, greater heights can be achieved be reducing centres
  3. Excluding finishes
  4. BS 476:1987:Part 22 in minutes
  5. BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010
Example - Speedline Fire System Incorporating Knauf Fire Panel
50mm C StudDuty Grade (1)Max HeightNominal Thickness (3)Fire Resistance (4)Sound Insulation RwdB (5)System Reference
1 x 12.5mm Knauf Fire PanelMD2.5 (m)77 (mm)30n/a50-K-55
1 x 15mm Knauf Fire PanelHD2.8 (m)82 (mm)60n/a50-K-56
2 x 12.5mm Knauf Fire PanelSD3.4 (m)102 (mm)904250-K-61
2 x 15mm Knauf Fire PanelSD3.7 (m)112 (mm)1204250-K-62
Other Performance Sectors