EMAC011 – Ceiling Loft Hatch

The Speedline EMAC011 ceiling loft hatch is designed to provide access between timber truss, joisted plaster, and plasterboard ceilings where access to loft space is required.


Composition and Manufacture

The metal frame holds a flush metal door through hinges to one side. The door is held closed with a number of lock options. The door opens down towards the user and is removable during installation or if damage occurs. Panels with
simulated dry wall beaded frames are jointed/skim-plastered and then decorated on site to match the colour/texture of the adjacent finish. Picture frame panels are finished white RAL 9010 so require no finishing after installation.

A 2mm gap is maintained between the door and frame by the door locking system.

Factory assembled to specified size and finish in RAL 9010 White 30% Gloss.

Frame: 1.2mm thick, mild steel. EPDM seals are fitted all around.
Door: 1.2mm thick, mild steel flush faced tray finished white powder coated. The door rear is made up of a 30mm Rw3 Rockwool Slab covered by 12.5mm plasterboard.


Key Points to Note

  • X and Y dimensions are outside rear frame
  • Overall frame depth is 55mm
  • Structural opening required for installation is (X+10mm) x (Y+10mm)
  • Clear available access when installed, with door in the open position is (X-24mm) x (Y-60mm)

NOTE: Anti-microbial paint is available upon further enquiry.


Lock Options

  • Three way budget lock
  • 5mm Bit
  • IP65 Lock
  • Euro Profile Lock
Technical Information
Dim (X) mmDim (Y) mmKgs