EMAC012FD60 – Riser Doors (Fire Rated)

The EMAC012FD60 range of lockable access panels is available in a variety of designs that can provide up to 1 hour fire resistance into jointless plaster/plasterboard and masonry walls and partitions. Suitable for use in protected zones where access to mechanical and electrical services is required without compromising aesthetics and fire safety.


Composition and Manufacture

A precision welded, strong metal frame (1.2mm thick mild steel, incorporating either a simulated dry wall edge bead profile or picture frame) holds a flush metal door through a concealed hinge. The door is held closed with a choice of locking systems and opens towards the user. Doors are removable if damage
occurs during installation. Panels with simulated drywall beaded frames are jointed/plastered over on site and finished to match the colour/texture of the adjacent surface. Retrofitted panels have a picture frame.

A constant 2mm gap is maintained between the door and frame by the dome location system.

Factory assembled to specified size and finished in RAL 9010 White 30% Gloss.


Key Points to Note

  • X and Y dimensions are outside rear frame
  • Overall frame depth is 55mm
  • Structural opening required for installation is (X+10) x (Y+10)

NOTE: Anti-microbial paint is available upon further enquiry.


Lock Options

  • Three way budget lock
  • 5mm Double barb insert lock
  • IP65 Lock
  • Euro profile lock
Technical Information
Dim (X) mmDim (Y) mmKgs