EMAC005 – Tiled Door

The Speedline EMAC005 range of access panels provides access into tiled walls, where access to mechanical and electrical services is required. It is a strong, purpose made, access panel designed to provide a simple yet secure means of accessing building services through ceramic tile or marble/stone clad walls.


Composition and Manufacture

All standard panels are for internal use and only in areas of normal humidity. For areas of high humidity or in tile walls that will get wet, stainless steel should be used. The grout width is usually filled with soft silicone mastic for a
totally concealed and sealed solution. The mastic is easily removable for emergency access and can be quickly resealed on completion of the service or repair.

The metal frame holds a plasterboard faced door through a sliding hinge system. The door is held closed with a budget lock which opens towards the user with the key hole protected by a plastic removable bung. The hinge system allows the door to be removed during installation or if damage occurs.

A constant 3mm gap is maintained between the door and frame by the dome location system.


Key Points to Note

  • X and Y dimensions on the EMAC005 are the manufactured panel size and relate to the door size that is obtained from the tile module and grout thickness multiples. Tile size, thickness and grout width must be specified when ordering
  • Overall frame depth is 50mm. Minimum grout thickness is 1 mm
  • Structural opening required for EMAC005 installation is (X+ (2 x grout width)+10) x (Y+(2 x grout width)+10). Use suitable packing at fixing points between the frame and structural wall to maintain trueness and rigidity. The resulting gaps between the full tiles and frame are filled with flexible mastic

NOTE: Anti-microbial paint is available upon further enquiry.


Lock Options

  • Budget lock
  • 5mm Double barb insert lock
  • Touch latch
Technical Information
Dim (X) mmDim (Y) mmKgs