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Speedline metal systems are manufactured in accordance with Occupational Health & Safety management Systems BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

Health & Safety Product Information


Cold rolled sections manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel.  Some sections may be manufactured from pre-painted material.

Product Use

Always use products for the purpose intended as described in the technical literature.

When subjected to elevated temperatures during welding or cutting, toxic fumes are produced.  Inhalation of these may cause metal fume fever, a short lasting condition with symptoms similar to those of influenza.  Therefore adequate ventilation or fume extraction should be provided, and where necessary, protective masks should be worn.

If skin irritation occurs, rinse well with clean cold water, then wash thoroughly.  If symptoms persist obtain medical advice.

In the event of eye contamination or if any product is swallowed seek medical advice immediately.

Metal products may have sharp corners and edges which can cause lacerations.  Always use suitable gloves when handling as per HSE guidelines.

When working overhead or when cutting metal products, the use of protective eye glasses is advisable.

Metal is a good conductor of electricity.  Proper precautions should be taken when working near live power lines or electrical equipment.

Metal can become charged. Static electricity may cause sparks when earthed.

Personal hygiene is important, always wash hands well particularly before eating.

Health & Safety Relevant References

  • No 43 Safety in Mechanical Handling
  • No 47 Safety in Stacking Materials
  • No EH40 Occupational Exposure Limit

Product Storage

Products should be stored in a safe manner.  Never rely on banding for lifting, always use suitable slings.

Dispose of product in accordance with local authority regulations.

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Speedline is totally committed to the concept and future success of supporting BIM (Building Information Modelling).


The Speedline Drywall Systems manual is a guide to offer you the best dry lining solution for your project utilising the extensive, independently tested range of Speedline Drywall Systems.

Drywall Manual

The manufacturer of the Speedline metal systems has been recognised by the award of BS ISO 14001:2004 for it’s Environmental Management System and the Steel Construction Sustainability Charter and were the first cold roll-forming company to be awarded the prestigious Gold standard.


Speedline metal systems are manufactured in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety management System BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Health & Safety

From the initial concept of your project, we can provide full technical support, including specification advice and provide NBS clauses and specific design details.

Technical Support

Each combination of Speedline metal, plasterboard and insulation has a unique system reference number.  This unique reference number allows you to download all relevant information.

Data Sheets

Correct installation and specification of Speedline Drywall Systems and components is the responsibility of the contractor and design team.  Construction should be in accordance to all relevant regulatory requirements and appropriate UK construction guidance and guidelines.


Speedline Systems Assurance is a dedicated warranty covering a comprehensive range of drywall solutions, offering peace of mind for clients, specifiers and contractors.

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